Jun 21, 2012

Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23: "Making Rent"

At this point, Don’t Trust the B in Apr. 23 is certainly an enjoyable show. It’s difficult to watch a show that doesn’t have something going for it for more than an episode or two. (See the recent Men at Work on TBS for a prime example) So what exactly does Apt. 23 have going for it?

Well, there are the supporting characters. Or, more specifically, Eli and Mark. Eli is still a tad one-note as the pervy neighbor, but his band last episode, and his job as a Health Inspector this time are fleshing him out. Also, he has two of the best line readings of the night (which will be discussed in Misc.).  Mark, as I’ve stated before, and will surely state again and again, is the best part of this program as of now. His dry humor has a beautiful contrast against the vibrancy of the rest of the world. Eric Andre is well respected within the comedy community, and it’s easy to see why. Also interesting is the hint that his relationship with his girlfriend is not going great. I will be very surprised if Mark and June don’t enter into a will-they-or-won’t-they very soon.

Then there are our leads: June, Chloe and James. James is almost completely wasted this week, with his jeans plot getting absolutely no payoff (beyond the accurate and funny quip about capturing the gay, hipster and Japanese markets). But there’s no tension there, the “meatball” joke is rather idiotic, and it seems out of place.

June and Chloe’s plot concerns getting enough money for rent. We can easily see their divergent personalities in the way they try to get the cash: innocent June wants to make jam; plotting Chloe wants to make porn. Chloe tapes their jam-making exploits and posts them on a fetish site with help from Eli. To get back at her, June gives the stalkery neighbor Robin unlimited access to Chloe. When Chloe finds out, she’s impressed rather than upset. Yes, Chloe and June are beginning to change one another, however slightly. It’s a network sitcom, so none of these characters will ever change obviously, but it is difficult to see June from the pilot pulling one over on Chloe. Perhaps people can change for the worse. Again, this episode succeeds largely because of Chloe and June’s growing sisterly relationship. If this trend continues, and the show gets a tad more funny, and Mark becomes the main character, it just may become a great television show.

Grade: B-


  • The Korean jokes fell flat, and when race jokes don’t work, they veer that much closer to “poor taste”.
  • The best bit from the main plot: One of Robin’s desired activities is to “watch X-Files with my best friend”.
  • Eli’s two great line deliveries:
    • “The subject is aware”
    • “Did you see Castle last night? I know, it is getting better!”

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