Dec 25, 2012

Wine & Pop in 2013

2012 was an important year for Wine & Pop, in that it was the year that the website was born. Articles were irregular, and various circumstances forced a break in writing in the later part of the year. This will all change in 2013.

Next year, articles will be coming every day, both from myself and new contributors (see below). There will YouTube Biographies of artists, book reviews, coverage of the final episodes of The Office and much more. You can look forward to many shows being covered, various media being reviewed and special features. The site will grow in what is covered, how often those things are discussed, and who is discussing them.

We'll kick off the new and improved Wine & Pop with Best of 2012 Coverage: On Wednesday, we'll be taking a look at the best music 2012 had to offer. On Thursday, we'll talk about TV and comedy. Finally, on Friday, we'll let you all know our favorite films of the year.

The Wine & Pop family will be adding four regular contributors from the outset of 2013, with more to follow as the year continues:

Ian Cory

Ian Cory is a full-time musician and part-time opinionated dude. He was born in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Chicago, IL for school. Since graduating Columbia College he spends most of his time listening to, playing, and writing about music. When he’s not doing any of that, he can be found arguing about superheroes with his friends over craft beers and gourmet hamburgers.

Kerey Morris

Kerey Morris is a junior studying magazine journalism and linguistics at Syracuse University. She's a Vanity Fair fanatic and washes her hands far more than necessary. Kerey has just learned to use a curling iron.

Mike Horky

Mike Horky is a student at DePaul University studying cinematography and literature. He hails from the merry town of Wheaton, IL where he was recognized as the resident film nerd by many. He spends his hours writing screenplays, watching movies, and enjoying good foods and arguments with his pals. He also really likes cheesecake.

Paul Krueger
Comic Books & Comedy

Paul Krueger is a writer and occasional stand-up comedian with a mildly interesting day job. He knows entirely too much about comics, both of the book and stand-up variety. His favorite wine is the free kind he gets when he sneaks into art shows. He lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which means he totally relates to HBO's "Girls."

All of us here at Wine & Pop hope your holiday season is grand, and look forward to entertaining you in the coming year(s). 

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