Jul 29, 2013

Wilfred: "Intuition"

By Nico Danilovich

After last week’s entertaining but slightly out-of-place episode of Wilfred, “Intuition” was a very welcome improvement. While still maintaining that entertaining aspect, “Intuition” also managed to feel far more relevant in terms of Ryan’s arc this season. As Ryan struggled with frightening nightmares of his father and the insomnia that followed, Wilfred staged an elaborate murder mystery in order to teach Ryan to trust his intuition. All of this culminated in a tense scene that very well may serve as Ryan’s lowest point in the season and is sure to propel the story forward in the weeks to come.

Ryan’s storyline was particularly compelling this week for several reasons. Ryan’s dreams about his father exposed Ryan’s deepest insecurities. However, instead of dealing with these issues, Ryan chose to run from both them and the dreams themselves. As a result, Ryan began suffering from insomnia and turned to his unhealthy relationship with Wilfred to keep him busy throughout the night. All of this served to illuminate the fact that Ryan was descending further and further into personal dysfunction.

Wilfred’s storyline once again started off seemingly unrelated and smoothly incorporated itself into Ryan’s storyline. It also managed to provide numerous dog jokes, made particularly funny by their relevance to the plot, and ensured that the comedic tone of the show was still present in this tense episode. Through the complex guise of a murder mystery, Wilfred attempted to teach Ryan to trust his intuition. In spite of this, Ryan chose to ignore his intuition, which ultimately led him to disaster.

Under the influence of sleeping pills, Ryan found himself face to face with his father at the grocery store. Ryan was unwilling to face his father, however, and instead chose to believe that the experience was just another nightmare. Consequently, Ryan began a violent freak-out, rushed out of the store, found himself face to face with Wilfred and seemingly experienced some sort of realization. This is where my only note-worthy gripe with the episode lies. Assumedly, upon running into Wilfred, Ryan realized that he was indeed awake and had just made a fool of himself. However, there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly enlightening about Wilfred’s presence that would lead Ryan to that conclusion. The episode may have been better served with Ryan passing out and saving this realization for the next episode.

Despite the slightly confusing ending, “Intuition” was a nearly flawless installment of Wilfred. Sure to have lasting effects throughout the rest of the season, the episode propelled Ryan’s arc forward and gave us a look into one of the most interesting relationships of the show: the one between Ryan and his father. While not without flaws, season three is thus far proving to be a particularly strong example of entertaining and often compelling television.

Grade: A

Nico Danilovich is a television enthusiast and amateur filmmaker. His work can be seen at: www.youtube.com/TheLazyNeighbors

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