Sep 7, 2013

Homestuck: 8/28/2013 – 9/4/2013

By Ian Cory

Only two subsubacts in and Andrew Hussie is already throwing wrenches into the work. As I discussed last week, the first section of Act 6 Act 6 was primarily concerned with reintroduced a sprawling cast of characters in a new and chaotic setting. It took its time to explore exactly how each character feels about their new situations and where their relationships with each other stand after the fallout of Act 6 Act 5. Now that the stakes have been firmly established, things have been kicked into overdrive.

As with the last arc, we kick off with Caliborn’s irreverent summary of the story thus far. While the first act of “Homosuck” was certainly an oversimplification of Act One proper, it still conceivably functioned as a summary of that act. This second act however is wildly divergent reveling in the twisted and indulgent fantasies of its author. But despite being absurd and overblown, this isn’t too far off from the same self-deprecation that the first act used. Dave Strider has often been used as a stand in for Hussie himself, and by turning him into a Marty Stu for Caliborn’s misogynistic power fantasies he’s able to point the figure at his own faults as a writer. Caliborn’s vileness also gives John Egbert, who has found himself trapped in this horribly drawn nightmare via canon breaking teleportation, a chance to reaffirm the audiences empathy with him. While nowhere near as sweet as one of the female characters responding to Caliborn’s immense douche-baggery themselves, John’s take down of his diminishing Rose to a literal trophy is truly a triumphant moment for anyone with a conscience.

The battle scene prior to John’s righteous out burst also serves a more symbolic purpose. Each of the foes Dave’s pathetic facsimile defeats are stand-ins for the antagonists that our heroes face in the story proper. The witch represents The Condesce, as well as the subjugated Jade. Jade along with Bec Noir (whose imminent arrival is certain to make shit hit the fan VERY hard), is also represented by the wolf. Her accomplice Jade is obviously the Robot. Initially the inclusion of the pirate ship was a bit confusing, once we returned to the Medium all questions were quickly answered. If there’s one lesson that I constantly fail to learn from Homestuck it’s that you should never EVER under estimate the trolls. Arenea’s sudden ascension from colorful background character to a force to be reckoned with was something we all should have seen coming given her cruel pragmatism towards the rest of the ghost army. But despite all of the foreshadowing, this development is a truly shocking overturning of the carefully set dominoes from the last sub act.

By my count there are now five different forces playing for keeps in this session. Spades Slick plans to settle a personal vendetta with Lord English. Bec Noir, on the other side of The Medium aims only to survive and act out his destructive urges undisturbed. Arenea and The Condesce also seek to destroy Lord English, but Mindfang’s desire to snuff the creation of a new universe out altogether conflicts directly with Condy’s plan to create a new Alternia. Above all of this hangs Lord English’s own schemes, which are equally driven by an urge to crush his sister’s favorite species as well as secure control over the entirety of existence. And the kids are caught in the middle, each with their own motivations and allegiances (Jake’s crush on Arenea is particularly ripe for manipulation and drama) that could very well tear them apart. As Meenah suggests, we have a whale of a problem on our hands if we’re going to sort all of this out.

  • Oh Gamzee, don’t ever change
  • The homoeroticism pile between Arenea and Meenah just doesn’t stop from getting taller, does it?
  • The horse crashing during “Homosuck” was a nice reference to Roxy’s Wizardy Herbert fanfiction. Somewhat looser was the connection between John holding bogus Roxy’s head and Jake and Dirk’s first kiss.

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